Book editing services fiction

Manuscript Critique Our Manuscript Critique gets straight to the point by highlighting the issues that stand in the way of your success. Fiction authors can expect feedback on: Non-fiction authors can expect feedback on:

Book editing services fiction

Manuscript Critique Comprehensive Novel Editing By Stephen King's First Editor If writing is your passion and getting traditionally published is your dream, you've come to the right place.

book editing services fiction

Best-selling authors weren't born with a complete skill-set to get them where they are today; in addition to their natural talent they had to learn how to satisfy traditional publishers' demands. Likewise, you'll need the advice of a proven professional to advance your writing career.

There's a simple secret to getting your novel traditionally published; if you give publishers what they want, they'll buy it. Are you writing your novel strictly to please yourself? If so, your quest for publication could be severely impaired without first considering publisher needs. Learn how to impress literary agents and traditional publishers alike from a thorough novel edit by a seasoned pro!

My name is Michael Garrett. I've edited the works of best-selling authors and over 2, unpublished writers like yourself. I invite you to review my impressive credentials and client testimonials. I've also published traditional novels of my own, the latest being Innocence Deniedavailable February 21, Having been traditionally published allows me to give you publishing advice drawn from my own personal experience.

My Editorial Philosophy Again, if you give publishers what they're looking for, they'll buy it. It's as simple as that.

Traditional publishers need new authors; today's best-selling authors won't be around forever. Selling your novel is not much different than selling anything else; to sell something, it must satisfy the buyer's needs. Publisher needs are likely different from what you expect, but if you eliminate issues in your novel that are cause for rejection, you'll dramatically increase your odds of acceptance.

I can tell you what your problems may be, allowing you to correct them before you start your search for a literary agent. I'm uniquely qualified to help you because I have extensive novel editing experience as well as having sold two commercial novels of my own.

When I perform a novel edit, I draw from my personal experiences as a traditionally published author as well as my extensive editorial expertise to point my clients in the right direction. I've been there, done that.

Where else can you find an accomplished novel editor who has also been traditionally published? If you want to sell your novel, I'll tell you how to avoid rejection at an affordable price. I rarely edit a novel that doesn't have them.

To impress literary agents and publishers, it's crucial to master the concept of point of view, and I'll give you a thorough explanation. Are you aware that too many characters can be problematic for your reader to keep up with who's who? I'll tell you if that's an issue. Do you tell more than you show?

Let me coach you on how to let the story tell itself and breathe life into your fiction.Don't let grammatical mistakes bring down your work. Learn how our fiction editing services will transform your work into perfection.

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Pro Novel Editors: Fiction Manuscript Editing and Critiques

Learn how to 'fill the holes' in your manuscript, avoid costly mistakes, then publish and launch your book using the same self-publishing method bestselling authors are using today. The book editors and proofreaders posted on this site specialize in numerous fiction genres and nonfiction topics.

Have your nonfiction or fiction manuscript, short story, script, poem, screenplay, or article professionally edited before submitting to a literary agent, publisher, or book printer.

Non-fiction authors can expect feedback, insight, and advice on: content, structure, organization, clarity, focus, mechanics, writing style, and suitability for intended readership. The developmental edit is a very intense level of editing and can be employed at the very beginning of the writing process, perhaps with just one or two chapters written; the very basics of a plot set down.

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