Comparisons between the hobbit and beowulf

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Comparisons between the hobbit and beowulf

Create New "Her first book, labored over for years, and launched full of the high hopes and ambitious dreams of youth, floundered on its voyage, though the wreck continued to float long afterward, to the profit of the publisher at least. The hastily written story, sent away with no thought beyond the few dollars it might bring, sailed with a fair wind and a wise pilot at the helm into public favor, and came home heavily laden with an unexpected cargo of gold and glory.

The serious work that you lavish all of your efforts on and have the highest expectations for will not receive nearly as much acclaim or success as the one you just toss out to pay the bills. What happens when a writer or artist deliberately tries to create their Magnum Opus?

But what happens when the same artist just writes or creates something for fun or profit or out of contractual obligation with no big plans, hopes, or expectations for its success? Heck, they know it's not that good but figure it will at least pay the bills this month.

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They're so busy working on that inevitably earth-shattering magnum opus, they don't even give this other silly little project much thought. Whoever commissioned it is sure to be disappointed, but it's no big deal; the public won't even notice its existence enough to laugh at its pointlessness anyway.

That book, movie, or painting that the creator couldn't care less about becomes an instant sensation. They're hailed as a genius, worshipped for blessing the world with this wonderful new classic, immortalized in parodies and homagesand earn an eternal place in history for their brilliance and creativity.

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That masterpiece they had such high hopes for will quickly fade into obscurity, but they will be remembered and celebrated for this little hackwork forever.

There are multiple causes behind this. Creators have different expectations and standards they apply to themselves than the audience and critics do; their definition of a Magnum Opus might simply be the one that was the most perfect, smoothest, with the fewest hassles that went into making it.

Some of them tend to be The Perfectionistand where audiences might forgive one or two mistakes or blemishes, the creator can't and will keep striving to achieve that ideal. Often, the author put so much pressure on themselves that it actually damaged the creative processwhereas giving their creativity free-rein produced better results despite them paying less attention.

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Also, works intended to deliver a deep, profound, important message have a tendency to come across as Anvilicious-esquewhile works written without such concern end up focusing more on the story itself. In some cases however, the author does indeed know better and over time the work of art they are proudest of might become Vindicated by History.

Comparisons between the hobbit and beowulf

All of the above aside, this trope isn't necessarily as black and white as it sounds. As some of the examples below demonstrate, the opus can in fact have its own substantial fanbase and perfectly respectable sales and reviews Some fans may even agree with the author and prefer the opus to the author's other creations.

When the effect is somewhat delayed, see Vindicated by History. For the inverse, see Old Shame. Breakout Character is sometimes related, when a specific character rather than an entire work becomes far more popular than was ever planned.

See also Creator's Favorite Episodewhere that choice may potentially result in this. Some examples also drive on the Sunk Cost Fallacy as a creator can believe his best work is the work he spent the most time working on.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

When comparing Beowulf and Bilbo, therefore, it is clear that Beowulf is an archetypal epic hero, but Bilbo is much more of a hero in some ways, as he displays significant courage both physically and in terms of his character. Similarities between Beowulf and “Beowulf” Beowulf, an epic written down in the year by the Beowulf Poet, is the epitome of what true .

ALAN LEE was born in England in Inspired by Tolkien’s work to pursue his chosen path as an artist of the mythic and fantastic, he has illustrated a wide range of books including Faeries, The Mabinogion, Castles, Merlin Dreams, the centenary edition of The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.

He is a winner of the Carnegie Medal for his illustrated edition of The Iliad. Beowulf and Storyline of The Hobbit A comparison of The Hobbit and Beowulf By Joanna D. 6/28/ J. R. R. Tolkien was professor of English literature, and he really liked Beowulf. This being so, he managed to use many of the same scenes, characters, and symbols in his book, The Hobbit.

Beowulf vs The Hobbit By: Chantelle Fresco Characters The Hobbit Beowulf Bilbo Beowulf Smaug Symbols Plot Differences Dragon Grendel's Mom Grendel Orc Azog The Hobbit Lake Town Hrothagar's city Arkenstone Bilbo's Sword Beowulf's Sword Beowulf The Hobbit Similarities: Bilbo gains respect from his followers after saving .

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