Essay on importance of games in school curriculum

Sport and opportunities of play, consistent with the rights of the child to optimum development, has been identified by UNICEF as among the crucial components to the delivery of quality education. Without sports, elementary education would be boring and lifeless for young school children.

Essay on importance of games in school curriculum

Hire Writer Because young boys are known to physically show their aggression it is important that conflicts be dealt with in a way that teaches assertive behavior, and shuns aggressive tendencies Berk, Safety is also an issue when working with athletic equipment and playground facilities.

Most injuries are the result of falls — falls to the ground below equipment, but falls from one piece of equipment to another are also reported.

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Since a large number of injuries are caused by falls to the ground, protective surfacing under and around all playground equipment is the most critical safety factor on playgrounds as well as when dealing with classroom equipment. Teachers should regularly check equipment to ensure safety, and teaching the proper use of the equipment to the students will ensure safer participation for all children in the program.

Prevention is the safest method when dealing with young students. It is crucial when dealing with children to teach appropriate methods of warming up as well as safety while playing. Prevention of back injuries is a key element in physical education. At a young age students should be taught the importance of proper posture, correct lifting technique, and most importantly stretching.

Developing this sense of body awareness at an early age will lead to safer play not only in the physical education program, but also at home. The concept of safe play is essential in the physical education curriculum.

Safe physical activity has the potential to keep students interested in staying active if the reason for not continuing to be active into elementary and junior high was an intimidating safety related accident as a child. There are many reasons for lack of physical activity, the most evident being the lack of exposure at an early age to physical skill development activities.

Although it is important do develop physical skills at an early age, activities that may be contra-indicated should be avoided at all costs when dealing with growing children. Games and movements that pose a physical threat to joints such as the spine, ankle, and knee joints should be avoided completely.

But if they are to be done, proper warm-up and instruction is necessary. Without the warm-up and proper technique for activities such as leg squats and certain spine movements, permanent damage can be done to the joints, ligaments and muscles. If students in preschool or primary school are thrown into activities that are too physically demanding for their age, these activities can become contra-indicated.

It may seem that the activities are developing the skills of the students, but they are really threatening their future development. Excessive stress or overload can lead to tissue breakdown and injury, which can stay with the child late into adulthood.

Overuse injuries are also associated with contra-indicated activities. Tendonitis and stress fractures can develop, as well as injuries to developing joint surfaces and severe injuries to the immature spine.

Contra-indicated movements are also a threat to the epiphyseal growth centers.

Essay On Importance Of Games In School Curriculum

External stress from weight bearing activities on a young growing body may disrupt a growth plate, which could eventually lead to growth arrest or a long bone deformity Anderson et al, This is why it is critical to get the right amount and the right type of exercise, especially at an early age.

Health benefits can be derived simply from becoming more physically active, but the greatest benefits come from engaging in planned and structured exercise.Short Essay on Importance of School Education Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 3, By Sanjoy Roy School education lays the foundation stone in building the personality of a person.

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Essay on importance of games in school curriculum

Recognizing the importance of providing educational activities that enrich and broaden student experiences as an integral part of the curriculum as well as beyond the normal academic day, the School Committee supports the development of co-curricular and extracurricular programs in accordance with the policies established by the School Department.

If you ask adults about their opinion in the involvement of video games to school’s curriculum, majority would say video games can negatively impact the school’s curriculum.

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Parents worry about the involvement of video games to their children’s school curriculum. Even today, they are a regular feature of the school and college curriculum.

Games and sports may be of various from school or college sports, boys and girls may practice races, jumps, discuss throw and javelin throw and thus pass their afternoon in useful activities. words free essay on Sports in School Curriculum. Sport and opportunities of play, consistent with the rights of the child to optimum development.

Essay on importance of sports and games in school curriculum