My pursuit of a mba education at rochester institute of technology

Does data drive you? Computer Science comprises both practical and scientific approaches to computation and its applications. We live in a world that has evolved to the extent that businesses and organizations continue to use incorporate more and more complex computer-based technologies into their infrastructures. Some programs, such as the MBA in Applied Computer Science, teach important management and administration proficiencies in order to help prepare learners to enhance their careers in business leadership.

My pursuit of a mba education at rochester institute of technology

Political Science and International Relations Clusters: French and Earth through Time Activities: The current events discussion group was composed by teachers and students who sought to engage in debates, exchanging different opinions and points of view.

The community service involved activities such as teaching English to elderly citizens, visiting day cares and working with kids with special needs.

We learned Geopolitics, analyzing the interrelation between geography and politics. The class was extremely interesting; it provided tools for the students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. The teacher helped us to see world issues from different perspectives, embracing distinct points of view.

The size of campus, the student-faculty ratio and the great location also contributed to my decision. It helped me build a good foundation to learn new concepts and ideas in college. Haudenosaunee leadership must consider the impact their decisions would have on the seventh generation to come.

This scholarship, in honor of the Haudenosaunee, is designed for students who have explored and promoted these same values of environmental action and sustainable development. Learn more about sustainability groups on campus.

Having worked as a servant girl in her youth, Harper rose above the confines of poverty, launching over beauty shops throughout the world under her innovative business model—creating the first retail franchise in America. The Harper Scholarship is for students who have demonstrated interest and leadership in expanding political, social, and economic equality for women worldwide.

Wilson Scholars demonstrate leadership by promoting bridge-building dialogues across racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and linguistic lines in diverse environments. Rochester Pledge Scholarship The University has a proud history of patriotism: Francis Bellamy, author of the original Pledge of Allegiance, graduated from Rochester in Continuing that legacy, the Rochester Pledge Scholarship ensures that the sacrifices veterans have made in order to serve our country do not go unnoticed.

I am in the Theta Chi fraternity and I was a staff writer for the campus times. When you applied for admission, what accomplishments did you hope would be recognized by the Office of Admissions? Throughout high school I participated in many different services to help others. These include working in the preschool at my high school, coaching baseball and basketball, Invisible Children, and working with Native Americans in Montana.

I felt these activities defined me as a person, and I was glad that Admissions was able to notice them.My company has been very supportive of my pursuit of my MBA, including recognizing my accomplishment through higher-level assignments and a promotion.

I am more confident.


Although my career has been mainly focused on execution, I am now more involved in planning innovative things, which is very exciting and rewarding.

The University of Rochester honors exceptional high school students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches . Get your MBA in USA. The master of business administration degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA provides students with the capabilities for strategic and critical thinking needed for effective leadership in a global economy where creative management of both people and technology is vital.

More than Rochester Institute of Technology master's and Ph.D. students will highlight their latest research and innovations at the 11th annual Graduate Education Showcase.

Choosing Rochester Institute of Technology as my graduate school was a well calculated decision, based upon a combination of my capabilities alongside a vision of what I .

My pursuit of a mba education at rochester institute of technology

My favorite MBA Professor is Avi Seidmann, he always brings great energy to the classroom and pushes us to bring our best self to class every day. He was always open to meeting students outside of the classrooms to further discuss topics that peak our interests and expanded my interest in information systems and new technology.

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