The passage of time in life twilight by caroline spencer and youth of age by samuel taylor coleridge

For a few days prior to this, the family had observed some symptoms of insanity in her, which had so much increased on the Wednesday evening, that her brother, early the next morning, went to Dr. Pitcairnbut that gentleman was not at home. It seems the young lady had been once before deranged.

The fort was slow in arriving though, some years late in fact. Back in the middle ages, inthe Gozitans had petitioned their ruler, then the Viceroy of Sicily, to have Comino defended. King Alfonso V of Aragon gave the permission for this tower to be built and money was raised by the local government, the University, through the taxation on imported wine.

Inbarely two years after the arrival of the Knights of St. John in Malta, a Florentine engineer, Piccino, was commissioned to prepare designs for a tower to be constructed on Comino.

Piccino was however soon called to draw a bastion at Telghet Sceberras, in what is today Valletta, and the Comino Tower was once again shelved. In Piccino left Malta.

In these years the population of Malta was 38, that of Gozo 2, The assault was eventually carried out in It had to be Alof de Wignacourt, who in financed and built the Santa Maria tower in Comino to guard the Gozo-Malta channel and deter enemy shipping from finding shelter in the caves of Comino.

The tower, armaments and provision for the Santa Maria Tower in Comino cost 18, scudi, the most expensive, the designs probably being drawn by Maltese architect Vittorop Cassar The site chosen is at Ras l-Irqieqa, on the southwestern side of the island, at a height of feet above sea level.

Its walls are 18 feet thick, the tower being 65 feet above the ground. The tower housed ten heavy guns, eight light guns and could take a compliment of men, expected to oppose landing parties.

There is a place where a number of horses could be sheltered if necessary. It had a compliment of thirty Maltese soldiers, whose task was to defend the place in case of attack.

The Santa Maria tower rests on a plinth that is feet square and 25 feet high. Other defensive facets are the scarp musketry gallery at the base of the walls, the fausse braye and the glacis.

The passage of time in life twilight by caroline spencer and youth of age by samuel taylor coleridge

It was only after the construction of the Santa Maria tower in that Comino was partly brought under cultivation, not with so much success. Signallers on the roof kept in continuous communication with St.

It was not uncommon of having Knights of the Order, including those who flirted with their vows of chastity and celibacy, imprisoned here, perhaps to contemplate better on their lifestyle. Some of the soldiers were decrepit and infirm, as was the case of Mikiel Zarb, an octogenarian Detachment Commander in Boisgelin, writing in states that the Comino Tower armament consisted of two iron pounders, one bronze pounder, one bronze 4-pounder and two bronze 3-pounders.

With the British arrival in to help assist the cause of the Maltese revolution against French Napoleonic rule on the islands, the British forces decided to use the Comino Tower as a prisoner of war camp for undesirables, including extortionists and other nefarious characters.

Comino was made out of bounds for all civilians, and sailors were ordered to give the island a wide berth, or face the consequence of a death by a firing squad and confiscation of the shipping vessel. With the might of the omnipresent British navy now based in Malta, preferred to the Minorcan harbour of Mahon, the fears of Ottoman incursions against the islands were no more.

The tower was manned by the armed forces in both the First and Second World War, until handed over to the Government of Malta.

From the s vandals crept in, denuding the Comino Tower of its furniture and fittings, leaving a fracas only degenerates could contort, behind them.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion.

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The passage of time in life twilight by caroline spencer and youth of age by samuel taylor coleridge

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