Write a short note on non violence


Write a short note on non violence

Free Sample Essay on Violence against Women Article shared by Violence against women is not a new or recent phenomenon women have been the victims of violence all through the age, in all societies, cultures regions or religious communities in the world.

It is indeed, ironic that in India, which has given rise to apostles of peace and non-violence, women have to bear the brunt of violence-domestic as well as public, physical as well as emotional and mental.

Violence against women can be viewed in the historical perspective, for it is to a large extent, linked to her status in society.

In the Vedic period, Indian women enjoyed a relatively comfortable position. Gradually violence against them beggar to be practised; the doors of educational, economic, social, political and cultural opportunities were gradually closed for them. Even their personal freedom in respect of movement, diet, dress, marriage, etc.

Every effort was made to make them meek and docile. Women also began to be enslaved and prostituted. They became commodities which could be sold and purchased which could be tailored to perform different functions.

Various obligations restrictions and regulations were imposed on them and different penalties and punishments were prescribed if women violated them. Thus violence against them came to have a societal sanction. Around the begging of the Christian era, Manu laid down the Hindu code. His laws insist that women must consider her husband as a God; she should be kept dependency by her husband.

The ideal women is one who does not strive to break these bonds of controls; the salvation and happiness of a women revolve around her virtue and chastity as a daughter, a wife and a widow.

write a short note on non violence

This also made prostitution a part of religious life. In the medieval period, when two measure cultures-Islam and Hinduism-encountered and interacted with each other, violence against women increased manifold. It included new elements. Even the purdah system which isolated the woman from the rest of the world was after all violence against woman.

Girls began to be married off at a tender age, and in certain communities he new-born baby girls began to be killed by the parents themselves. Rapes for vengeance and forced marriages becames common.

The drum, the uncultured the untouchables, animals and women should be beaten. The British Government by and large remained indifferent to the violence against women. After independence violence against women has only grown in all its dimensions.

Indeed a few more forms of violence like female foeticide have developed because of the progress in science and technology.

Dowry system has been with India society for a long time. Today violence against women in India has assumed an alarming proportion. According to one estimate, there are about thirty specific forms of violence being committed against women from the pre-natal stage to their death.

These are also reported in newspapers and other media very frequently. Most of the violence against women is related to and grows out of their position in society.Mahatma Gandhiji came on this earth with his message of truth and non-violence (ahimsa) at a time when the forces of aggression and violence reigned supreme on earth.

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Thus, for example, the Tolstoy and Gandhian non violence is a philosophy and strategy for social change that rejects the use of violence, The classical Indian text of Tirukkuṛaḷ deals with the ethics of non-violence or non-harming through verses in Chapter 32 of Book 1, Note, for example, the complaint of Malcolm X that "I.

Free Sample Essay on Violence against Women. or religious communities in the world. It is indeed, ironic that in India, which has given rise to apostles of peace and non-violence, women have to bear the brunt of violence-domestic as well as public, physical as well as emotional and mental.

Short essay on should ragging in curbed in India. PS: I wanted to mention, but omitted, that an unequivocal commitment to non-violence makes it easier to isolate and identify agents provocateurs (like the appalling Patrick Howley), and hooligans like the rioters in Rome (a mixture of self-styled anarchists and rightwing soccer thugs according to the NYT).

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